[c]/bɪld / (say bild)

verb (built or, Archaic, builded, building)
verb (t)
1. to construct (something relatively complex) by assembling and combining parts: build a house; build an empire.
2. to establish, increase, and strengthen: to build a business.
3. to base; form; construct: to build one's hopes on promises.
4. Games
a. to make (words) from letters.
b. to add (cards) to each other according to number, suit, etc.
verb (i)
5. to engage in the art or business of building.
6. to increase in number: a crowd building in the foyer.
7. to increase in intensity: the pressure is building.
8. manner or style of construction or formation: a yacht with a sleek build; a person with a heavy build.
9. a construction project.
10. Computers a version of a program, usually one of many created in the development process.
11. build a fence around, to bolster up against opposition.
12. build on,
a. Also, build upon. to use as a basis, in forming or constructing a plan, system of thought, etc.: to build on the ideas of others.
b. to add a room or rooms to a house.
13. build out, to obstruct the view from (a building) by erecting another building close to it.
14. build towards, to work up to.
15. build up,
a. to increase or strengthen: to build up a business.
b. to claim public attention for (a person or product) by means of an advertising campaign.
c. to fill in with houses: to build up a new estate.
16. build up to,
a. to prepare for.
b. to increase gradually to.
{Middle English bilden, bulde(n), Old English byldan, from bold dwelling, house}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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